About the SIG


This web-site is no longer being maintained and the QE Special Interest Group is no longer active. If you have any queries about the QA-QE Special Interest Group or this web-site then please contact Harvey Mellar – h.mellar@ucl.ac.uk 

28 April 2017

The QA-QE Special Interest Group is a group of practitioners, both academic and professional support staff, interested in using technology to enhance the quality of learning, teaching and assessment.

Some institutions involved in the HEA/JISC e-learning Benchmarking & Pathfinder Programmes subsequently collaborated in a Network Project (www.lkl.ac.uk/research/qa-elearning). Outputs from this project were the development of a series of workshops in the area of QA/QE in e-learning. Several other institutions expressed in interest in working with the Network Project, and this led to the establishment of the Special Interest Group (SIG) in the area of QA/QE in the use of technology to support teaching and learning at a meeting in Reading in May 2008. At that meeting, the SIG set up a steering group to further develop the ‘mission statement’ and organise the launch.

This practitioner-led SIG aims to invigorate QA-QE and make it relevant to everyday practice in enhancing teaching, learning and assessment through technology.

Our objectives are:

  • to share, aggregate, and synthesise practice in using technology to enhance the quality of learning
  • to share, aggregate and synthesise good practice in quality assurance procedures relating to the use of technology in teaching, learning and assessment
  • to build synergies internally, between UK Higher Education Institutions and with other external sector agencies
  • to influence UK local and national policy