QAQE SIG one-day discussion meeting Friday 6th September 2013 – Fielder Centre, University of Hertfordshire

This free one-day discussion meeting will explore challenges facing the sector in relation to assuring quality whilst also enabling quality enhancement and innovation through technology enhanced learning (TEL). We will be considering the rapid increase in the development of MOOCs (Massive Online open courses) and the impact of the Key Information Set (KIS) requirements on UK Higher Education Institutions.

Technologies impact on all aspects of the learning process, including teaching, assessment and communication. In light of changes in technologies and the changing role of e-learning within higher education, guidance and policies associated with quality assurance and quality enhancement of technology enhanced learning (TEL) need to be considered and reviewed.
The day will include; a discussion on the quality issues associated with MOOCs and feedback from a MOOC student; Michael Hamlyn, Director of Academic Enhancement at Staffordshire University. The afternoon will focus on the KIS requirements and will include presentations from Catherine Benfield, Head of Business Development at the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), and Moira Sutton from the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS), School of Education at the University of Derby. Catherine and Moira have been involved in the early evaluations of the KIS and will present findings from their respective reports regarding Institutional and User perspectives. The presentations will be followed by discussions about the KIS requirements which focus on face to face contact hours with little consideration of how institutions and academics use technology to guide and support students. The issues were recently highlighted by the JISC following the publication of a Student Academic Experience survey from Which? And the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI).
Actively seeking your contributions to the QAQE debate, the day will include networking opportunities and participatory sessions to explore practitioner needs.

See also the Discussion meeting programme and Booking form.

Best wishes

Harvey Mellar on behalf of QAQE SIG Steering Group

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