Is Your University’s Online Course Up to Code?



Thanks in part to the rise of massive open online courses, online higher ed programs are growing significantly. An estimated 5.8 million students are enrolled in online courses, the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) reports.

As online teaching increases in popularity, so does the need for online faculty evaluation, reports the Conferences at New Prairie Press in a report titled “Effectively Evaluating Online Faculty”:

“The quality of faculty and instruction are critical to the success of any program, and even more so in an online based program, therefore, having an effective evaluation method that functions to both evaluate and mentor those who teach in an online setting is vital to the success of the program.”

Since 2010, OLC has maintained a Quality Scorecard Suite to establish benchmarking tools and standards to help schools evaluate the quality of their online courses. In December 2016, OLC announced the creation of three more scorecards to evaluate course design, instructional practice and digital courseware, PR Newswire reports.

“Just as educators continue to seek out ideal learning environments and share effective practices for advancing quality, OLC will continue to expand the Quality Scorecard suite to support and guide their efforts,” says Kathleen Ives, OLC’s CEO and executive director, in the news release.

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